TRAININGToggle - Refueling Course

  • Onshore/Offshore Refuelling Management


  • To provide trainees with the knowledge and skills to carry out the duties involved with refuelling helicopters in an offshore environment. The course will provide knowledge and skills necessary to meet the individual company requirements for safety.


Refuelling of a helicopter on an offshore helideck is normally undertaken with the engines running and rotors turning. Any crew member taking part in this operation must hold recognised qualifications to ensure that safety is maximised and emergency response is immediate should an accident occur.


Refuelling a helicopter is essentially a high risk task. The risk is however mitigated with proper training. This course is designed for all personnel who are involved with helicopter refuelling operations on offshore installations. During the course participants will gain knowledge and understanding of safe helicopter refuelling operations and procedures for testing fuel quality. A hands-on approach is taken with mock refuelling equipment and immediate action drills in the event of fire.


Course Contents:

            • 1. Regulations:
              • * Refuelling Duties & Responsibilities

2. Typical Fuel Systems:

      • * Refuelling Equipment

    * Tanks & Connectors

    * Filter Types

    * Hoses & Nozzles

3. Routine Inspections:

    * Record Keeping

4. Types of Fuel:

    * Aviation Fuel

    * JetA1

    * MSDS

5. Quality Control:

    * Contamination

    * Fuel Additives

    * Water Detection Kits

6. Practical Exercise:

    * Fuel testing

    * Before Refuelling

          • ** Positioning

            • *** Hot air APU

            • *** Shoes, wheels

            • *** Electrical

          • ** Exits

          • ** Fireman

          • ** Sampling

      * During Refuelling

      * After Refuelling

            • ** Sampling
7. Refuelling Emergency Procedures and Response

    * Fire management

    * Evacuation Plan

8. Course Summary