TRAININGToggle - Helideck Landing Officer

  • Onshore/Offshore Helicopter Landing Officer (HLO)



    This course is designed to meet the initial and recurrent training requirements as per HELIDECK CERTIFICATION COMMITEE (HCC), OGP and SHELL/PETRONAS standard for training Offshore Helicopter Landing Officers in the control of routine offshore helideck operations and the appropriate responses to offshore helideck emergencies as well as familiar with onboard safety and communications equipment.  Successful completion of the course demonstrates the achievement of a level of competence, enabling the delegate to work offshore as an HLO, under the supervision of an experienced HLO for further installation specific training and development.



  1. Fire Prevention & Control or equivalent fire-fighting training or
  2. Offshore Emergency Helideck Team Member
  3. previous experience in offshore helideck operations onboard an offshore installation or experience of handling helicopters either onshore or offshore is required

Each certificate carries an expiry date, requiring the holder to undertake 'Further Training' in line with HCC standards.

Delegates successfully completing the course will have gained knowledge of and have the ability to:

  1. Maintain a States of Readiness. Recognise and manage the special hazards associated with Offshore Helicopter Operations and to act to prevent incidents occurring.
  2. Supervise helicopter landing and departure
  3. Supervise cargo handling
  4. Supervise the safe refuelling of helicopters on an
    offshore helideck.
  5. Co-ordinate and Control the response to emergencies
  6. Co-ordinate rescue operations in helicopter emergencies.