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  • Helideck Inspection Awareness Training


  • The course duration is two days. A ‘Certificate of Awareness Training’ is issued to all participants. This course covers the theory part of a helideck inspection, preparing the participant for the practical visit to the helideck. The emphasis would be on the CAP437, ICAO Annex 14 and local regulatory requirements.
    The target audience are the asset owners, Pilots, Senior HLO (as an advance course), Safety Executives or Safety Officer, aircrew, civil aviation authorities, OSHA inspectors and other. The facilitators would also share their wealth of knowledge of local operations.


    Profile of the two days Helideck Inspection Awareness Course:

    The course is based on the UK CAP 437 which is an industry standard, recognised by Helideck Certification Committee (HCC) and all major OGP companies. It describes an inspection regime that would meet safety and legal expectations of helicopter operators and asset owners alike.
    SYLMAX-HCS as an integral component of Helideck inspection has access to critical Helideck Standard Committee which involves in amendment and update improvement processes. Due to the constant changes, refresher training should take place at two yearly intervals - the refresher course requirement is covered in one day.


    The primary reference materials for two day course are:

    International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) - Annex 14 Part II Heliports

    • United Kingdom Civil Aviation Publication (CAP) 437 Standards
    • Malaysian DCA, ASSD 904
    • Indonesia CASR 139 Vol II


    Included, as relevant for local operations are:

    • Consultavia dispensation for the S92, EC2225 & AW139

    And an overview of the following:

    • OGP (International Association of Oil & Gas producers) Standard
    • ICAO Heliports Manual
    • API – Heliport design 2L
    • Best Global Industry Practice


    The Course Syllabus includes but is not limited to:



    Basic auditing and inspection technique

    • Inspector equipment requirements
    • Offshore Installation protocols and procedures



    • Dissonance between regulations and solution strategies •
    • Landing area dimensions, surface, lighting and markings •
    • Helideck equipment, including –
      • Rescue and fire-fighting arrangements
      • Radio Equipment
      • Meteorological Equipment
      • Standard Helideck Monitoring Systems
      • Approach Aids •
    • Safety Nets/Helideck and Perimeter •
    • Turbulence created by superstructure and/or exhausts •
    • Access stairways • Obstruction Environment •
    • Protective Clothing •
    • Refuelling Facility •
    • Helideck Crew •
    • Documentation requirements


    Cross check on all training requirements •

    • HLO/HDDA •
    • Dangerous goods •
    • Weather Observer •
    • VHF Radio licensing


    New Build Certification Technique:
    New Builds are assessed for CAP 437 compliancy at the design stage, during construction and at final commissioning before operations commence. An overview of these processes is included.
    The course also highlights the particular duties placed upon personnel involved in Helideck operations including:

    • Helicopter Company Personnel •
    • Offshore Installation Personnel •
    • Logistics and HSE Managers •

    Personnel required to perform inspections of helicopter landing areas