SERVICES- Helideck Inspection and Certification

    • SYLMAX-HCS providing services on all matters relating to the safe and compliant operation of helicopter landing areas - onshore and offshore. HCS employs a team of Consultants who are very experienced and knowledgeable in the areas of flight operations and engineering.

      We are recognised by Helideck Certification Committee (HCC) and DCA to carry out the inspection then monitor the process of certification for all helicopter landing areas. We also act in an advisory capacity for international clients.

      Our team of pilots and engineers have trained and worked in various countries, serving both military and well-established civil organizations. They have gained exposure directly on-site and from the aircraft factory training courses.  Besides having had hands-on experiences, these senior Consultants have all held various supervisory and management level positions. The aviation industry also well recognizes them. 

      The helideck inspection reports from HCS are used by OGP and the helicopter operators alike.  Our reports are comprehensive, detailed and would be the best means to expedite the process of getting clearance for helicopter operations.

    w Familiar with the international standard (ICAO) and local authority requirements.

    w Actively involved in various safety related issues for the OGP, particularly for Flight Safety Quality matters.

    Qualified Trainer/Instructor for HLO/HDA/Radio Telephony/Fuel Management, Airstrip and Heliport Awareness training in the SEA region


    Helideck Inspection will be  conducted with reference to:


    a) CAP 437- Standard for Offshore Helicopter Landing Areas

    b) ICAO Publication "International Standards & Recommended Practices"

     Annex 14 (Aerodromes) Volume II - Heliports (A 14)

    c) ICAO Heliport Manual (HM)

    d) Malaysian Department of Civil Aviation (DCA) ASD 904




    a)     Helideck surface, dimensions and markings.

    b)    Helideck general arrangements, including structures and support equipment.

    c)     Helideck obstruction environment, including markings & lighting arrangements.

    d)    Helideck emergency, rescue & fire-fighting facilities, equipment & procedures.

    e)     Helicopter operations support, including radio and meteorology facilities.

    f)      Helideck manning arrangements, including HLO, Helideck Assistants, Fire Team and

    g)     Refueling party.

    h)    Miscellaneous helicopter operational requirements.