SERVICES- Helideck Surface Friction Test  

In offshore industry, matters concerning with safety at the work place is always the priority. Friction test is a method where a qualified inspector will do a marking and testing with equipment called Micro GT Friction Test machine. This machine will be pushed on the surface of a helideck to determine the level of safety. The minimum average surface friction values that should be achieved are detailed in table below.


Section of helideck

Fixed helideck

Moving helideck

Inside TD/PM circle



TD/PM circle and H painted markings



Outside TD/PM




  • The installation operator should ensure thereafter that the helideck is kept free from oil, grease, ice, snow, excessive surface water or any other contaminant (particularly guano) that could degrade surface friction. An assurance should be provided to the helicopter operator that procedures are in place for elimination and removal of contaminants prior to helicopter movements. Following removal of the netting, the helideck should be re-tested at regular intervals. The criteria for initial removal and the frequency of subsequent testing subject to the guidance contained in CAA Paper 98002.


    A review of helideck friction measurement techniques has concluded that the test method should involve a friction measuring device that:

    a)      employs the braked wheel technique;

    b)      Is able to control the wetness of the deck during testing;

    c)      includes electronic data collection, storage & processing;

    d)      allows the whole deck surface to be covered to a resolution of not less than 1m2.